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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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crime scene in a bronc beauty salon. >> how you feeling tonight? >> feeling great. >> talking to commissioner bratton after he announced he's stepping down sooner than expected. he ran under two radically different mayors. in a matter of, we someone new will take his place. >> cbs 2's tony aiello is live in harlem. >> reporter: he is widely seen as one of the most fluential leaders ever in living room.
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enforcement. >> all the pressure is shifted on him. he'll see how he looks in a day or so. >> reporter: the current and future commissioners. >> no one has done more to keep us safe in the entire history of this city. >> reporter: for 31 months, the two bills have celebrated significant success. overall crime rate driven to historic diverse than ever. also tragedy, the murder of four cops. and a corruption scandal that took root during the bloomberg administration but blew up under deblazio and bratton. the mayor gave him extraordinary freedom to speak his mind and told him the job was his as long as he wanted it. at 63, he decided a big-bucks gig with regular hours
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next step. a handful of protestors jeered as he left city hall. [ chanting ] >> reporter: bratton is confident more new yorkers appreciate his legacy. >> i think the legacy is pretty secure, about significant crime reduction over time, 25 years. i think certainly these three years have been marked by a phenomenal investment by the mayor, city council, into the nypd. >> reporter: he'll be succeeded by a man he's mentord, chief of department james brooklyn born. >> i mentioned my mom earlier. >> it's hard to talk about ya. [ laughter ] >> she really was the one who taught me the ideals of what good cops should aspire to. >> reporter: he'll be under pressure to maktd transition to community policing work. >> community partnerships and working with them is something that will help with terrorism, something that will help with
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from writing summonses to building about relationships. >> we give cops the time that they're not answering 911 calls. and i think that's time they'll use wisely. >> reporter: o'neal says community policing is work. shooting incidents are down 20% in the presifrnthd where is this program is already in place -- presifrnthds where this -- precincts are in place. >> the division focuses on otherwising clients of of prerisk identification prevention and response. commissioner o'neal started as a
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a deadly shooting inside a beauty salon in the bronx. gunfire broke out just before 6:00 tonight, after a dispute outside of the believe beauty salon in west farms. the argument spilled inside the shop where a man was fatally shot. the shooter took off. fleerts saying what the fight was over. a mumps outbreak in nassau 18 cases in patients so far, mostly in their 20s and 30s have been reported in the long beach area. most of the patients have been vaccinated. this could be a new strain of the virus. some patients had the swollen cheeks but other symptoms are less obvious. >> you can come in with just a headache, low-grade fe body
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of the mufrms vaccine. some -- mumps vaccine. there are now 15 cases of zika virus likely transmitted by infected mosquitos in miami dade county florida. this case was discovered outside miami's winwood neighborhood. tomorrow crews will begin aerial spraying repelant in a 10-mile square arearr they are concerned the mosquito could be resisting insecticides. pokimon go players on the hunt just about everywhere you look lately. one new jersey homeowner has had enough of players invading his property and he is part of a collaboration lawsuit against the pokimon company, nintendo, and the software developer niantic.
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pokimon no. a new jersey man is fed up with this wildly popular game and some of the people playing it. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> reporter: in a lawsuit filed friday, jeffrey martyr alleges he's had strangers gathering outside of his home, holding up mobile phones as if they were taking pictures. he says at least five people knocked on the door asking for access to the backyard to catch these virtual creatures that have people crazed around the country and without permission. he wanted nothing to do with our story but his neighbors were interested in why we were here. when we told them about the lawsuit -- >> that's a first! >> pokimon is getting out of hand. [ laughter ] >> he said there were too many young people trespassing. >> i didn't see anybody. >> reporter: noel lives across the street. he hasn't seen anything out of the ordinary. >> some people are complainers. >> i don't think it's right if people are trespassing
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is addicting, but they know the limits. >> i think we've learned our lessons. >> how? >> tv. people getting in trouble. >> parents. >> reporter: know they know for sure they won't be welcome in this neighborhood. the game clearly says don't trespass. why are there pokimons and pokestops on private property to begin with? the wikileaks breech of the democratic national committee e-mails has reached new jersey tonight. governor chris christie called for justice today after he says some of the hacked e-mails show the dnetwork c wrote statements for senate
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berg criticizing governor christopher his role in donald trump's campaign. >> i believe they need to be investigated. i think we need to see whether or not taxpayer money was used to advance the dnc's political agenda to attack me. >> lor equality i did not agree to the initial statement but decided that given his history of spending hundreds of thousands of dollarsn while campaigning across the country for the republican governors association, it was appropriate to call him to refrain from doing the same as he travelled in support of donald trump." a victory tonight for donald trump. his videotaped testimony in a trump university lawsuit won't be made public. decision coming from the judge is of mexican heritage who trump said could not be impartial. >> trump received a purple
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supporter. cheers as trump introduced a veteran who had just given him a war medal. >> i always wanted to get the purple heart. [ laughter ] >> this was much easier >> reporter: but trump may have started a new war with another vet. he's refusing to endorse senator john mccain who is running for reelection and withholding support from house speaker paul >> i think the republican nominee is unfit. >> reporter: this morning president obama denounced trump for five minutes when cbs's marpg ret brennan asked him whether trump is qualified to lead the nation. >> he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues. doesn't have the judgment, the temperament. he's woefully unprepared to do this job. >> reporter: trump promptly
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country. and for him to be call meeting out is almost an honor. because he truly doesn't know what he's doing. >> reporter: also today, richard hannah, a congressman from upstate, became the first house republican to say he supports hillary clinton, not trump. he wrote an oped saying "it is not enough to denounce his comments. he is unfit to serve our party and cannot lead this country." he is retiring from these at the trump rally in virginia, trump went back and forth over a baby crying in the crowd. >> don't worry about that baby. i love babies. [ laughter ] >> i that are baby crying. actually i was kidding. you can get baby out of here. i think she believed me that i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking. >> back to the purple heart aspect of the story, a spokesperson with the military order of the purple heart service foundation says trump did not get the purple heart,
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after shots were fired in a supermarket, employees run for cover finding safety in a backroom. >> want to buy a house but can't afford it? some say forget about saving for years and go in on it with a group. >> and it could be okay to ditch that dental floss! after the financial crisis in 2008, several people i know had to leave the neighborhood because they could no longer afford, you know, to live in the neighborhood. it is a herculean effort to pay one's mortgage,
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home sharing, a blessing. home sharing is good for our community. home sharing is good for our neighbors and ourselves and we definitely want to continue that. it's really sad, really sad indeed. hopefully they don't listen to the special interest; they don't listen to the lobbyist. the middle class is up against it; a little bit back.
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sweeping communication changes in the workplace. >> what's happening more sxauven is what's becoming a thing of the past? a terrifying robbery caught on camera. security video shows the moment three armed men storm a houston taeshgs supermarket. it all began the ceiling sending workers and customers running. the two cashiers locked themselves into is a backroom just in time of the robbers try turnover get through, including shooting at the door. >> i was just down on the floor, crawling back and forth, just trying to -- thinking that if i'm lucky enough, dodge the bullet. >> at least one customer was robbed before the men took off. they're still on the run tonight. no one was hurt. there is a new way to buy a
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money. can you share the mortgage. more people are doing it because of skyrocketing home prices. family or friends pool their resources to get a group mortgage and buy a home together. for it to work, everyone has to be honest about their finances. >> it's definitely a good idea. it's 4 put more money in, able to buy a bigger property with more equity. >> if they don't pay the mortgage or that person doesn't ay is on the hook. >> it is possible to have your name removed from a mortgage only if your bank allows it. before you go to bed tonight, a lot of moms are reminding our kids don't forget to wrush your teeth. >> -- brush your teeth. >> no research raises questions about the benefits of flossing. why some say you can forget it. >> i'm stunned. >> reporter: mouths fell open when word came out that flossing
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it comes to preventing tooth decay. associated press looked at 25 studies and found there's little research to support the longheld federal guideline first issued in 1979 to floss daily to prevent gum disease and cavities. >> when they go to look for evidence, they're unable to sustain that particular recommendation. >> reporter: professor and department chair dr. mark wolf. >> from the standpoint of a dietary recommendation which is how tooth decay no matter how much you floss. >> i always floss. but not in the morning. only at night. >> i'm a flosser. >> always floss. i keep it with me everywhere i go. >> reporter: the only person who never flosses, dr. wolf. >> i only floss when i have corn on the cob >> reporter: many are surprised to hear the news, and many just don't buy it.
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believe if you floss, you will have healthier teeth >> reporter: and everyone has a preference. >> i prefer floss that's waxed. and not very thin. medium. >> i like something with a little flavor in it. >> reporter: dr. wolf says flossing isn't bad for you, and for some, it may still be necessary. >> it is still shown to reduce the amount of plaque between your teeth, and is teeth has been shown it's just not going to help you prevent tooth decay. >> reporter: the american dental association still recommends using floss once a day as an essential part of taking care ever your teeth and gums. >> the american dental association also reminds all of us that we should use that up and down and around the tooth
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your teeth. the type ever floss, it's like the type of toothbrush everyone's got a preference. >> i like the fact we set up a camera and a sign to get folks -- [ laughter ] >> did you make that sign? >> i did not make the sign. but i love the way folks just show up. [ laughter ] >> lonnie is talking weather. >> and weather is gonna get nicer and nicer out there. i guess if you were disappointed by anything lie ahead, the weather is gonna be peculiar-perfect. and we do need the rain, possibly friday going into stsdz sat.. pretty nice conscience throughout the area. 69 degrees in yonkers. cool, serene summer evening. nice job out there. search getting a pretty good night. pretty good morning, and a good looking day tomorrow.
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skies for everybody, 69 degrees. the high was 79. you couldn't find your way to 80 degrees today. cooler out there tonight. improving skies through the overnight into tomorrow. and the latest on earl right there in the caribbean. as of 11:00 pm, winds are getting stronger, per hour. moving to the west at 60 miles per hour. and moving in the direction of belize, and right now we think it could be a category 1 hurricane as the makes landfall sometime possibly heart tonight, possibly going into thursday morning. popping again into the gulf of mexico, making another landfall on the eastern shores of mexico.
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area. and our skies are improving it. it's just beautiful out there. earl is not gonna pose a threat to the united states at all. but it's posing a threat to the people in the caribbean, and into mexico with a lot of death. and there have been deaths associated with if, and we need some rain here as well. not gonna get it! the front yesterday has pushed offshore. good looking sky for wednesday, thursday. friday fine, and here comes that next rain chance, and the temperatures are going up as well. which is one of the things that brings about a strong summertime shower or storm. 82 for your temperature tomorrow. 84 on thursday. 87 on friday. up to 90 on saturday. a bit of a chance late friday, better chance for some wet weather on saturday. sunday right now, and this is subject to change. sunday looking like the better
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87 degrees with a partly sunny sky. subway serz! steve is in for otis tonight. >> the mets created a nice little welcome party for their newest teammate. they found their offense led by a player who was one of the best in
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take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ? whoomp there it is ? uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? the award-winning geico app.
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game 2 of the subway series. >> had a different feel tonight than it did in last night's. the mets add a much-needed middle of the order presence to a struggling lineup. and what we saw tonight was a man who maybe inspired the mets' o jay bruce received a nice ovation for the mets fans in his first at-bat. tanaka gets him to fly out ladily to left. every starter for the -- lazily to the left. everyone got a hit except for jay bruce. lineup broke it out. one of the best in baseball last month. some mets fans. the d'arnaud traded. still feel the same in 3-0 mets. then
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matt reynolds impresses for the second night in a row. jacking up tanaka for a career high 7 earned runs. and an awkward moment as he was taken out in the double switch. i think he was supposed to stay on the mound. degrom tassing seven shutd out -- tossing seven shutout innings. reds teammates were angry with management for trading jay bruce to the mets because they say they lost their clus cannot name himself a leader of the mets. if >> i've always tried to go about the game in eye professional manner and carry myself that way, whether it be to the fan, the media, my other players. i expect a lot out of myself. and i'm sure everyone else expects a lot out of me. and i think that -- hopefully that goes both ways. jon nan niece is also -- jonathon niese is back with the mets tonight.
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of work. he admitted he needed to mend some fences with his current teammates. last year when he was traded away from the hess, he took a parting shot at their poor defense. today he insisted he was just trying compliment the pirates' defense. >> it's unfortunate the way it got turned around. but it kind of is what it is. ita clubhouse. they respect me and i respect them, and i've always loved them from the first time i played with them. the giants welcome back a player from injury. another star was sidelined. what does the
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here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who explored their treatment options by getting a second opinion. second opinions are available here, in philadelphia, in just one day. learn more at the trade sdlien passed. but the -- deadline is passed. the dhieft star in the yankees couldob his way out. the yankees may cut a-rod to make room for a youth move. >> girardi says changes will be made, and there aren't a lot of at-bats available to a-rod. at age of 41 with dwindling production, you wonder if any
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the giants are continuing their camp. beckham jr. watching from the sidelines. snacks harrison is off the injured list and practiced for the first time today. today the flagship improvement on the $600 million worth of upgrades was disdis played. it -- displayed temperature takes about 6 minute minutes to close the roof looks beautiful. >> sure does. >> hopefully the gears will
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>> thanks so much for joining us. >> the late show is next. >> will smith and tony bennett
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: let's see what donald trump is saying about hillary clinton now. >> she's devil. >> stephen: i wonder if that's true. amy, you can get me the please? >> hello. >> stephen: thank you! >> she's good. >> stephen: okay, donald trump says hillary clinton is you. >> i'm cool with that. >> stephen: wait, wait, you are? >> yeah, i mean, we don't agree on everything, but you have to admit her nomination is historic. i feel like i'm part of something. wait, has anyone cop pairld me to trump? >> stephen: no, not that i'm aware of. >> good, i may be prince of lies, but i pay my


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